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J.D. Jones


J. D. Jones has been writing since he was a child. Whilst growing up, he could be found most Saturday mornings sat at the family computer, typing away and letting his imagination run wild. His first book was an adventure story called "The Stolen Princess", which has never quite seen the light of day (yet!). 

Whilst working as a Doctor during the Covid-19 pandemic, J.D. rediscovered his love of writing, using it as a way to relax and cope with the difficulties of hospital work. As a result, The Zion Tower - the first of The Chaos Legacies - was finally completed, after being an idea in his head for over a decade. Now finally published, the writing just keeps going, with many more novels promised to be on the way! 

J.D. now balances writing with still working in the NHS. When he isn't working or writing, he loves spending time with his family, friends and cat, as well as getting out on his bike or swinging a few golf clubs.

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