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Beggar Home Lane


A schoolgirl has been missing for over a year. Another vanished a week ago. A boy appears to have evaporated without a trace.

Amid these harrowing events, Chris Keeler stumbles across a bewildering old window, torn from an old lady’s derelict house. Soon, he realises that looking through it will lead him down a horrific path that will radically change his life forever.

Flung headfirst into a terrifying world, Chris and his sister Gab find themselves embroiled in the heart of the mystery, where the supernatural meets the very worst of human nature.

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The Fallen Empire (2024)

The Chaos Legacies: Book 2

Hope is lost...

The New World has fallen. An unstoppable enemy has been reborn. The dreams of the World Council have turned to ash.

Battle scars linger...

After the harrowing events at Zion Tower, the survivors band together in one last desperate attempt to prevent the end of the world. Across the ocean, a plague of mysterious messages terrify the NUNA Government as they scramble to protect billions of refugees.

A final defence...

With nothing left to lose, Luke Smith and his family separate, each commissioned with a crucial task. Some flee across the ocean, carrying a warning for the President of NUNA. Others search for a secret weapon of impossible power. An unlucky few traverse the dark streets of the Dead City, in pursuit of an old ally and her secrets.

As the enemy’s forces grow exponentially, Zion Tower’s survivors are running out of time. Is there any denying that this is truly the end of days?

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The Zion Tower (2023)

The Chaos Legacies: Book 1

A World Ravaged by War… 

The Chaos Wars obliterated our world. Civilisation crumbled under the weight of a monumental conflict. The Earth was broken…  


A Dream in the Aftermath… 

Now, Luke Smith and his World Council stand at the dawn of a New World. From the ashes of war rises the Zion Tower - a symbol of achievement and victory. The Wars are over… Chaos is outlawed. The Provinces of the world stand together, with a single vision for peace and prosperity. Finally, world peace is not just a dream.


A Promise of Darkness… 

Yet something is moving in the shadows, nestled in the cold embrace of The Scorched Lands. Chaos is resurrected. An ancient evil whispers. Impossible armies lead a bloodthirsty assault across the globe. 


As friends become enemies and families splinter, can the ever-fragile peace survive, or is the New World once again destined for war?

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